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“Barry has been a very dear friend of mine for many years. His gentle and discerning nature has always really touched me and I deeply admire his eye for beauty and pristine craftmanship. These new titanium gongs are super light, stunning to look at, with sounds reminiscent of wide open spaces, airiness, encouraging lightness of being and soft minds. Naturally they carry the same Barry Mason hallmark of remarkable attention to detail, great beauty, perfect finish and uniqueness; indeed a fine addition to any discerning gong player’s collection.”



"I have followed Barry Mason's journey as a drummer, sculptor and instrument maker over the past 15 years or so. His new range of gongs and sound sculptures are forged from a deep aesthetic sense both visually and sonically, a willingness to experiment with materials and a keen desire to bring forth harmony. I look forward to my next encounter."




"Barry is a highly knowledgeable, skilled and mindful gong practitioner. I am often wary when I attend gong baths, as they are very strong healing instruments, but not everyone knows how to harness their power in a conscious way. 

Barry created a safe and calm space for us to settle into, and I was happily surprised as the harmony of sounds from his stunning titanium gongs started to fill the tipi, and transported me to another space in time.

Barry plays with intention, gentleness and care, and I‘m looking forward to my next gong bath with him.

I am on my own sound healing and practitioner journey too, and this experience personally resonated with me."




"That such a stunning piece of art can produce sounds to move the soul is quite amazing."


I consider myself very blessed that one of Barry Mason's exquisite gongs entered my life in 2022. Barry was a pleasure to deal with and was so helpful when I went to collect my gong, I can't thank him enough for all his useful information. The gong itself is beautiful, a true work of art both to look upon and hear. The heated titanium is amazing to behold and it gives the gong a real presence in any setting. And the sound is something else! So resonant and powerful! It's hard to describe in words, but it's incredible to be stood near, the vibrations so strong and also enduring. Fantastic textures can be achieved with both mallet and flumie. I'm literally in love with the sounds it makes! A gong was not a purchase I had intended to make. I'd always been attracted to them since the first moment I heard one. But when I came across Barry's amazing titanium creations my intuition grabbed me by the lapels and would not let me go! After much consideration I placed an order and since receiving my gong I haven't regretted it for a moment. I'm enjoying an exciting journey with my gong and hope to share its amazing vibrations with as many people as possible."



I now have a wonderful gong that plays well with flumie or mallet. Deep, resonant sound and at times it feels like it has a life of its own and plays all by itself. I really appreciate the craftmanship and the artistry that has created this beautiful gong. On a practical level it is also light and I can manage a big gong, lightweight stand, a few mallets etc. and some small bowls, all quite easily and all in one journey to set up.


I would like to highly recommend these mesmerising gongs to everyone reading this testimonial. Barry’s super cosmic gongs are very special and transformative. From my personal experience, the gongs he creates are full of love, fine art and extraordinary unique sounds which will deeply heal you. Whether you are looking for a daily spiritual practice, restore your aura or just relax you, these gongs will take you on a wonderful touching journey !!!



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