Sound therapy gongs


With titanium the coloured layer is a robust and inert surface. The process of painting with fire achieves the myriad colours.

Heading 2

Ti 8. 47 inch / 120cm x 2.5mm Titanium Gong £8000
Sound Therapy gong


Ti 7. 46 x 40 inch / 118 x 102 cm x 2.5mm Elliptical Titanium Gong £7000

Creating this gong from a rectangular rather than a square sheet proved an enormous challenge. The relative asymmetry caused all sorts of irregular tensions in the metal. However after many extra hours of hammering the result is a gong with a particularly complex soundscape with rich overtones.

Gong for sound Therapy


Ti 6. 39 inch / 100cm x 2.5mm Titanium Gong £6000


Ti 5. 47 inch / 120cm x 2mm Titanium Gong £8000
Ti 4 31 inch / 80 cm x 2mm Titanium Gong £3000
best gong for sound healing


Ti 3.  40 inch / 100 cm x 2mm Titanium Gong £6000
titanium sound therapy gongs
Ti 2.  39 inch / 100 cm x 1.6mm Titanium Gong £6000
titanium sound healing gong


Ti 1.  32 inch / 80 cm x 1.6mm Titanium Gong £3000
titanium gong for sound therapy