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  • Barry Mason

Sacred Geometry

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Way back in the 1970s I was a fine art student. I was fortunate indeed to have a number of great tutors, but the one outstanding influence on me was Keith Critchlow. His lectures on sacred geometry were a marvel and a great source of inspiration to several of my contemporaries as well as myself.

Nearly all my paintings, sculpture and now gongs and sound instruments have had their genesis in his teaching.

With Keith we surveyed Chartres Cathedral, explored Hindu temples, the stone circles of Britain and so many more…. The underlying “sacred” geometry of creation is also now being made visible through the work of John Stuart Reid and his Cymascope.

Attending a lecture by John is also an inspiration, when he demonstrates his Cymascope, which allows sound to become visible in front of the audiences eyes. I will be collaborating with John on a project to reproduce the actual geometric patterns formed by the sound of the gongs on their surface.

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